On an average
night 3,200
people sleep on
NYC streets.

Invisible in NYC is a design project that maps homelessness in New York City. As Winter approaches, our goal is to heighten awareness regarding this growing problem and the lack of affordable housing.

While we encounter it everyday, homelessness has become
something many New Yorkers ignore. Invisible In NYC is a design campaign that highlights homelessness in New
York City and the dire need for affordable housing.

Invisible In NYC is a project that developed from a graduate class at the Pratt Institute. We sought to combat the apathy of homelessness with design interventions. This turned into a month long series of actions coinciding with National Homeless Awareness Month in November 2013. We began by looking at our own behavior. We realized that although we pass New Yorkers living on the streets everyday, few of us actually thought much about it, the people it affected or what it meant to the city. The experiments that resulted from Invisible In NYC seek to combat this apathy by drawing attention and starting conversations with and about New Yorkers who are forced to live on the streets, the issues that contribute to this situation, and the increasing lack of affordable housing in our city. We began by documenting spaces where we met New Yorkers living on the street, subway or other public areas. Ironically these simple graphic instillations garnered more interest and attention than the actual human being who occupied those space only days before. We attempted to use this attention to create dialogue.

Take Action.

Invisible In NYC developed into a series of actions that aimed to spark curiosity, conversation, interaction and ultimately education. These actions were intentionally simple, easy to imitate and created using easily accessible materials. We invite and encourage others to join in on these awareness experiements. Click the icons below to download information. Follow our Tumblr to learn more about related instillations and activities.



Pack an extra sandwich or double your soup order to handout on your commute with this printed post card. All it takes is a donated stamp and pencil to help the invisible issues of the city be seen. Download



Get out on the streets and show your community the need for affordable housing. Click for info on how to observe, measure, record and install in your neighborhood. Download



Message the man who’s got our mission on his agenda. Copy and post to your feed: I want New Yorkers to see the homeless and the need for affordable housing. @deBlasioNYC @invisibleinnyc #invisibleinnyc